From the recording Mission To Destroy

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Words & Music by James David Rane

it's hard to love an enemy on a mission to destroy
who's target is your laughter your self respect and joy
they know you won't surrender but fight on just the same
why should we stay together and casualties remain
the wake you attended with your cigarette in hand
provided by the cold feet of the fiancé who ran
you swear that you don't love him but go online to say
there couldn't be another he'd just get in the way
our fate was decided by the symbol on display
kept as a reminder with the scent of dna
they won't be any kinder until you give it all away
those flammable survivors just aren't in style today
wasn't it tragic to the one that got away
isn't it magic you would whisper while we lay
I'd still be delighted stop pretending to be shy
this comes from the ghost that wouldn't die
your dream of suspicion isn't in reality
with one small omission that you clearly didn't see
its left us divided sharing recipes of hate
the war has subsided but you haven't cleaned your plate