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  1. I'm Your Man

From the recording Mission To Destroy

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Words & Music by James David Rane

I could make you smile if I had the chance
I could ask you if you'd like to dance
you're with your friends and across the room
but I don't know how to make my move
but there's one thing I know
when the music's playing slow
in my dreams you love me so
I'm your man
in the morning light waiting for the train
the months pass by but stay the same
I see you there and you look my way
I'm searching for the words to say
if you should be alone
and have access to a phone
we'll begin our happy home
I'm your man
there's a missing piece to my heart
and if your love contains the right part
believe me when I say it don't have to be this way
I can't wait another day I'm your man
my true love waits impatiently
don't give up hope it's meant to be
and if at last I touch your face
you won't escape from my embrace
no need to run and hide
persevere and turn the tide
and someday you'll be my bride
I'm your man