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  1. Dove Bar

From the recording Mission To Destroy

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Words & Music by James David Rane

momma it's raining ice cream from the sky
and a closet is the perfect place for the boogeyman to hide
can I lay with you till morning I won't hear you say good-bye
I'll be dreaming of the feeling that's a children's lullaby
frozen tastes so much better than the fresh
and I never wear a t-shirt under this expensive vest
if you want to hear my heartbeat place your ear upon my chest
I only need a couple and you can have the rest
through love and hate you'll feel the weight of the life that's put upon
then all the fear will disappear when you find where you belong
sunday morning without warning you'll discover I have gone
precious and unaware of what you mean
who's the greatest super hero that the world has ever seen
if I change into a costume is that all there is to see
I've answered all your questions but you haven't heard a thing