From the recording Mission To Destroy

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Words & Music by James David Rane

when will it ever end, in our time
cut down in the midst of a, nursery rhyme
and now that you've departed, I won't need the sunshine
tell me, when will it ever end

your present lies beneath our, christmas tree
a small reminder of all you, gave to me
until the end of time, they will remember solemnly
tell me when will it ever end

it's not a game of hot potato, or musical chairs
your lack of vision is something you should see
the train is falling from it's tracks
and there'll be no turning back
when that day comes it is for eternity

your simple touch will be, forever missed
I can't foresee a time in, changing this
I'd do it all again, for just another hug and kiss
tell me when will it ever end
when will it ever end
tell me when will it ever end